22Some of the Inns awardsGuest Testimonials

We always value feedback from our customers and guests. Further, we are delighted with the lovely comments our guests leave behind.  Here are some 2017/2018 examples from our Guest book:

'Cosy, friendly, relaxed, excellent food, great service, clean & beautifully decorated rooms.'
Simon & Megan, Scotland, February 2018

‘Amazing food & room with a top view. Will be back. Thank you.’
Holly & Andrew, Australia, December 2017

‘Wonderful stay, wonderful staff, wonderful food, thank you!'
Tobias, Germany, August 2017

‘Wild and wet and wonderful! '
Steve & Marilyn, BC, Canada, August 2017

‘What fabulous food! Lovely setting and an amazing drive over the hill. Awesome!’ Bruce & Clare, New Zealand, August 2017

Everything perfect!
Katharina, Switzerland, June 2017

’Several visits since '76! Always 'smashing''
Dave & Liz, England, March 2017

21Guide books which feature the Inn

And some of our older favourite ‘reviews’!

‘This is heaven on earth, many thanks, very friendly’
Lance, Melbourne

‘Come to Applecross learn to smile.’
Chris & Maureen, West Yorkshire



‘Secluded, hospitable, the get-away-from-it-all place.’
Peter & Wilco, Amsterdam

"The Inn at the end of the Universe............So long and thanks for all the fish."
Eric, Vienna

‘....a great place to get engaged so we did.’
Greg & Sharon, Inverness

‘.... Murray can't remember anything.’
Murray and Liz, Inverness

‘....my faith in humanity has been restored.’
Stephen, Suffolk

‘....ah yes, to be Applecrossed - a rare and wonderful experience, thank you.’
Mac, Salt Lake City.