Here at the Inn we aim to make all our guests and customers comfortable so they can relax and enjoy their time with us. The following information is provided to help visitors who may have queries about access to the Inn.

We are happy to help with any enquiries you may have about this (including providing photos) so please get in touch with us via phone 01520 744 262 or email.

Bar/Dining Area

The main bar/dining area is wheelchair accessible. The front door to the bar/dining area is accessed via a ramp from the street (opposite our principle car park). The bar/dining area does not have any steps within it. There is a disabled toilet available which also contains baby changing facilities.

The Inn also offers outside dining tables. There are some at road level beside the Inn (opposite the car park) which are fully wheelchair accessible.

In the event of a fire (or other emergency) which requires the building to be evacuated, the main entrance is also a fire door. The assembly point after an evacuation is in the main garden area (across the road) and the adjoining car park (if required).

We are happy to take advance dining bookings from customers (any size of group) who may require some extra assistance to help ensure they are suitably seated to enjoy their meal/drinks.


We have one bedroom downstairs in the Inn. This room is accessible to those who may require some extra assistance, but does not offer full disabled access.

The room has an en-suite shower room which has a walk in shower. The shower area has support handrails but please be aware it does have a small lip to get into the shower. The loo also has support rails.

The bed can be configured as a double or twin and is able to accommodate a cot.

Dogs are welcome in the room (up to a maximum of 2).

Access to/from the Downstairs Bedroom 

Via the main door to the Inn

There our a couple of steps up to the main door to the Inn. The height between the road level to the main doorway is 40 cm. There is then a small porch which leads into the entrance hall. Our downstairs room is then directly to the right off this hall. To the left, of the hall, is the door to the dining/breakfast room which leads through to the bar/dining area.

Via the bar/dining area

There is one step to/from the bar/dining area, through to the dining/breakfast  room,which leads to the hall which leads to the downstairs room. The small step to/from the dining room it is about 9cm high.

The doorway to/from the bar/dining area, to the dining room, is 70cm wide.

From here the 3 doorways to the downstairs room are wider.

Given the possible access restrictions, the bedroom may or not be suitable for a wheelchair to access the room from the Inn door or from the bar/dining area.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency your nearest exit, from our downstairs room, is the main hotel entrance. This goes through the small porch, which should be accessible for you, and then down 2 steps back to the road level. The height between the road level to the main doorway is 40 cm. Extra assistance is offered to guests who may require it. Each bedroom has a dedicated 'fire safety ed door hanger' which should be used by guests who may require extra assistance in the event of a fire (or other) emergency.

Not that we are predicting a fire (or other) emergency but just so you are aware of this before booking our room. 

Access to other local cafes, shops, facilities & attractions

All the other local cafes, shops, facilities and attractions, are accessible . If you do require disabled access, or have other assistance requirements, we would recommend getting in touch directly with the venue, to help ensure your needs are met during your visit.