Other local, and further afield, accommodation options recommended by the Inn are provided below.

To assist you, approximate driving times from the Inn are provided in italics. 

Bed & Breakfasts

Between 5 and 15 minutes

Clive & Maureen Goldthorpe - Beside Applecross Campsite - Please phone 01520 744 284 

CLOSED FOR WINTER, OPEN AGAIN MARCH 2020Seonag & Ali Brown - Carn-Raineach, Camusteil - Please phone 01520 744 421 

CLOSED FOR REFURB, OPEN AGAIN END OF FEB 2020Tery & Daniel McCowan - Clachan Manse - Please phone 01520 744 374 

CLOSED FOR WINTER, OPEN AGAIN MID MARCH 2020 - Julie Baird - Shell Cottage B&B, Culduie - Please phone 01520 744 353/07963 088 112

Moray & Marion - Applecross B&B, Upper Toscaig - Please phone 01520 744 201 

Sue GroocockSpindrift B&B, Callakille - Please phone 01520 744 407 - OPEN ALL YEAR

CLOSED FOR WINTER, OPEN AGAIN MARCH 2020 - Gwendy Griffin B&B -  Please phone 01520 744 277

Approximately 20 minutes from the Inn

Karelia Wilkinson B&B, ArrinaPlease email kareliawilkinson@btinternet.com

Other Options - Camping, Youth Hostel and Holiday Cottages near the Inn

Between 5 and 15 minutes


About 45 minutes from Applecross

Waterside Café and apartment
The Waterside Café is owned and managed by Judith’s sister Kate and her husband Geoff. Overlooking the beautiful Loch Carron, the café serves a good range of snacks and meals throughout the day. There is also an adjoining apartment which is available for lease. An ideal stop off on your way to or from us here at the Inn.

Further Afield

Approximately 1.5 hours from Applecross


The Torridon Inn


The Plockton Inn

Approximately 2/2.5 hours from Applecross


Rosslyn Cottage Bed & Breakfast

Near Inverness

Loch Ness Inn
The Loch Ness Inn ‘our sister Inn’ is located in Lewiston near Drumnadrochit. The Loch Ness is partially owned by Judith and managed by Isla . Offering excellent accommodation, great meals and bar service it provides a great option for a night’s stay or a meal before or after coming to us.